Advocare 24 Day Challenge meal recipes / Complicated Recipes

Advocare 24 Day Challenge meal recipes

Today marks one week on the Advocare Challenge. That means I'm 7 days in, 17 to go.

I have to say, I'm loving it. I do my prep work the night before and when I get to the office, I just eat what I packed.


My days start with Spark. Yes, I miss coffee, but Spark is delicious. I actually find it a little too sweet, so I have been juicing half a lemon and adding it to the Spark. I have tried both Fruit Punch and Mandarin Orange and I like both. The Mandarin taste like Tang. The first couple days I had a Fiber Drink. I saw a lot of complaints online about the Fiber Drink, but I didn't find it bad. Again, I thought it was a little sweet, so I added the juice from half a lemon and extra water.

Breakfast calls for a complex carb, protein, and fruit. I have been doing Bob's Gluten Free Oatmeal with cinnamon, stevia, and egg whites for my protein. I have mixed up the fruit option with blueberries or unsweetened applesauce. On the day I ran out of egg whites, I added a scoop of almond butter for some protein and healthy fats (bottom right).


I have been eating massive salads with a mix of veggies. I haven't been measuring the vegetables, only the protein component. I've also added a quarter of avo for some healthy fats. I got some deli turkey which is probably too high in salt, so I am going to try to cook my own proteins this week. My complex carbs have been sweet potato or quinoa, both mixed into the salad.

Towards the end of the week, I have cooked up a spaghetti squash and some lean ground turkey. I had that for dinner on Thursday, lunch on Friday (with a side of cucumber and jicama), dinner on Friday, and dinner on Saturday. Needless to say, I find it to be delicious.

Dinner calls for protein, vegetables, and a complex carb (if needed). I've been reheating the spaghetti squash and turkey with a bit of coconut oil, some roasted sweet potatoes, and garlic powder. I've also been doing massive salads with homemade mustard dressing.

One night I tanked the vegetables, and went with Julian's Bakery Coconut Bread with two runny eggs.
The plan allows for snacks and I've been having them if I feel hungry. Typically, this means an apple around 3 or 4 to hold me over til dinner. I've also had a Caveman Cookie (from my Love with Food box), fruit puree, banana and sunflower seeds, raw almonds, and protein shakes made with Jay Robb's vanilla whey protein. I had one small protein shake in the end of a Barney Butter Vanilla + Espresso Almond Butter jar...I guess the espresso part is cheating. My bad.

I like the meals and I like having the "rules" and "boundaries". It is very similar to how I typically eat, but with some substitutions and omissions. I've been without dairy, gluten (98% of the time), coffee, processed sugar, and alcohol and I feel great. I don't really feel leaner yet, but fingers crossed next week brings some results I can feel.

So far, I've found it pretty easy and enjoyable. I carry around my food like a bag lady, but this bag lady is on a mission.

Here's to Week #2...
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