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Challenging Cupcakes recipes

Cute Pink CupcakeDo you like making cupcakes? If your answer is yes then welcome to our Magic Cupcake House. Here, you are going to participate in a cupcake contest conducted for cupcake lovers by Lina, a fairy who is a marvelous cupcake chef. She is the judge for this enthralling contest and she has qualified you to take part in this wonderful contest. In this contest, all you would need to do is, make some delicious cupcakes that must exactly match the cupcakes that Fairy Lina has already prepared. It might sound simple and easy but continually making identical cupcakes one after the other would become a challenging task. Prove the fairy that you are also an equally talented cupcake chef.

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  • Cute Pink Cupcake

Banana CupcakeWe met a pastry chef in the garden few seconds ago. He requested us to help him prepare unique cupcakes. He wants to give the cupcakes to a kid who will come to play in the garden this evening. Whenever we want to impress the kids or make them happy, we serve them some big pink cupcakes. We are sure that the kid who we will meet in the evening at the garden will hug the chef and thank him immediately after tasting our pink cupcakes. It seems like the chef has reached our home. Let's decorate the cupcake with icing, fondant, candies and sprinkles and keep it ready on the table before he enters the kitchen.

  • Banana Cupcake

Frosty the CupcakeDo you enjoy eating cupcakes? How about a banana cupcake? It is a very tasty dessert that can be served to anyone and would immediately make them happy. Today you are going to make some yummy banana cupcakes in this cooking game. Are you ready to get into the virtual kitchen? In the kitchen, all the ingredients and oven are placed for you so all you'd need to do is complete all the cake making steps one by one by following the given instructions. Within a few minutes you will be done making banana cupcakes.

  • Frosty the Cupcake

This sweet little girl wants to create a cupcake for her best friend. Her friend is coming over to her house after a long time. It's winter at the moment in the city where this girl is living. During the winter season, almost all the people in the city love to eat cupcakes. This girl is getting ready to prepare the cupcakes.Make Butterfly Banana Cupcakes Help her make a very delicious cupcake.

  • Make Butterfly Banana Cupcakes

Did you hear it? Its the Butterfly Fairy Chef! And she is knocking at the door, welcome her and learn her delicious banana cupcakes recipe. The Fairy is going to show you few techniques, on how to garnish your dessert and make it look like a butterfly sitting on a cupcake. Get ready to greet her into your fancy kitchen and put all the items, ingredients and tools required to prepare this tasty treat in front of her. Follow her guidance carefully and complete every step as per her directions. In a few minutes, your baked cupcakes will be ready to be decorated with delicious toppings. You and the Fairy can enjoy it together, when you are done with the decoration.

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