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Recipe Challenge Series:

Challenging recipes to make

Make this the summer when you really learn how to cook and revel in summer's amazing bounty. Enjoy the fun of cooking fabulous food. By early August, you'll have fun new skills that help you save money, get healthier, and become safer and more secure.

Share your experiences and help others learn in our online community. Make the Challenge even more fun by taking it with a group of friends or a community group (think health club, CSA, co-op, church, PTA, more).

Update: The Challenge wll be rescheduled in late July to begin in August. Sorry for the delay! I've been flattened by shingles.

Sign up! Find out about the Wildly Good Cook Summer Challenge! You can also sign up for the weekly Cook for Good newsletter, with a free recipe and food news or the Cook for Good highlights (about 6 times a year).

Weekly class menu

Our four classes will follow the time-tested structure of great Italian meals.

  • Antipasto (before the meal): Each Thursday, you'll get an email that will whet your appetite for the week's projects. What will we be doing? What should you have on hand? What should you hope to get out of it?
  • Primo (first course): On Fridays, watch a video and review the related chapters of and the Wildly Good Cook handbook.
  • Secundo (second course): On Saturdays, do a project from the Wildly Good Cook handbook, such as visiting your farmers' market, refreshing your spice collection, or making a recipe with a new ingredient. Use the handbook and your online discussions to fit what you've learned into your own cooking style.
  • Contorno (the "contour" which helps shape the meal): On Sundays from 4 to 5pm EST, watch a live, online cooking demonstration and join in a live Q&A. If you'd like, make the dish yourself in with your own ingredients if you like so you can enjoy the full sensory experience.
  • Dolce (dessert): Each Monday, you'll get an email that serves as a sweet reminder of what we've learned. You'll also get a chance to take another nibble of anything that seemed especially delicious or that you want to try again. Take a fun quiz to show off your wildly good new skills.

Premio! (Bonus!)

  • Connect with other Wildly Good Cook participants in our private online community.
  • Share the love on social media using the hashtag #WildlyGood. I'll be there with you, liking, retweeting, and repinning.
  • Finish all four classes, pass the quizzes, and become a certified Wildly Good Cook! You'll get a signed certificate that just cries out to be framed and displayed in your kitchen or office.
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