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Heart Tick recipes

Healthy eating starts with the choices you make at the supermarket!

For the past 21 years the Tick has been a trusted symbol helping New Zealanders easily identify healthier choices within a specific food category. There has been an addition to the Tick family in 2014,and we are pleased to introduce Two Ticks- find out more here.

What does the Tick on a product actually mean?

  • Each criterion has been created to ensure that products that get the Tick are the healthier choices within that food category
  • Foods with the Tick should be consumed in the recommended serving size,and as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

How do companies get the Tick on their products?

  • Companies cannot just buy the Tick
  • Products must go through rigorous independent testing to ensure it complies with the nutrition criteria within that product category. The Tick's nutrition standards are realistic but tough so food companies must work hard to earn the Tick
  • Once the Tick is on pack,foods are randomly tested once every few years to ensure they continue to meet our strict nutrition standards.

How much does it cost to get the Tick?

  • The cost of the Tick is based on a percentage of the annual sales forecast of the product applying for the Tick.

Why are food companies charged a fee to use the Tick?

As a non-profit,non-government organisation,the Heart Foundation licence fees are the sole source of income for the Tick.

These fees contribute towards:

  • Educating consumers and health professionals about the Tick and its role in good nutrition
  • Random testing of Tick foods or meals to ensure they continue to meet Tick's tough standards
  • Supporting national nutrition research and education
  • Keeping the Tick programme running.

Does the Tick programme produce any resources?

Yes! We produce FREE Tick Tools every year which are available in our Tick Toolbox- the Tick Shopping Guide and the Tick Recipe Guide. The Tick Shopping Guide provides a list of all Tick approved products available in the supermarket. The Tick Recipe Guide is produced twice a year and is full of healthy,tasty and affordable recipes for you and your family to enjoy.

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