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Whole Foods Challenge

Health Starts HereAre you ready to make a fresh start? Though every body has different needs, there are some basic healthy choices you can make that will contribute to your overall wellness.

These simple changes can make a big difference over time.

!Simple Black Bean Soup At Whole Foods Market®, we believe that focusing on our four pillars of healthy eating offers the greatest health benefits, no matter what dietary path you follow.

1. Eat whole, unprocessed foods.

2. Eat a colorful variety of plants.

3. Eat foods rich in micronutrients.

Thai Shrimp and Carrot Salad4. Get fats from whole plant sources.

And based on our four pillars of healthy eating, we’ve created free weekly menu plans, assembled cooking tips and videos, and put together a four-week newsletter series designed to support you as you travel the path to better health.

Are you up for the challenge?

Baked Chili Potato Roasted Fish and Veggies with Quinoa and Pine Nuts Southwest Veggie Burgers Mighty Bowls of Goodness
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