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mtv-faking-it-interviews.jpgMTV's newest comedy "Faking It" sounds a bit ... well, controversial, to say the least. Two best girl friends - Amy and Karma - decide to pretend to be lesbians to be popular and win the election for homecoming queen(s). In the wrong hands, this series could have offended quite a lot of people.

So thank goodness the ship was steered by Carter Covington ("Greek, " "10 Things I Hate About You"), a gay man himself who volunteers with The Trevor Project - a non-profit organization dedicated and focused on suicide prevention efforts among LGBT youth.

In Covington's more-than-capable hands, a polarizing premise becomes a thing of beauty. The high school "Faking It" is set in is more modern than any school you've ever seen or hoped to attend before. Being true to yourself no matter who you are is cool, and judging anyone for being who they are is the fastest way to being ostracized as a loser. Just ask Bailey Buntain who plays the stereotypical beauty queen/cheerleader/mean girl Lauren. At any other school, Lauren would be at the top of the social hierarchy, but at Hester High, it's quite the opposite.

faking-it-katie-stevens-rita-volk-MTV.jpg"I'm the new kid at Hester High. I moved from Dallas to Austin, and in Dallas I was super popular and got everything I wanted, " Buntain tells Zap2it. "Hester High is highly unique in the way that the more different you are the more popular you are. I'm very used to being popular and when I moved to Hester, I'm very not. I'm also Amy's future stepsister and we are opposites and just don't get along. There's a lot of plotting, fighting, war between us. I like to mess up everyone's life to get what I want. It's awesome."

And Hester High's unique social atmosphere is what hatches the scheme that "Faking It" chronicles: Karma, obsessed with becoming popular, and Amy, who couldn't care less about popularity, are accidentally outed as lesbians. And they go along with the lie when they see how popular being lesbians makes them.

"Karma and Amy are best friends, and Karma wants nothing more than to fit in and be popular and accepted, so when the opportunity presents itself and they get outed by someone as a couple, it catapults them to popularity, " Katie Stevens, who plays Karma, says. "So Karma decides that they are going to fake it and go along with this lie because what's the worst that can happen? That's very much who Karma is, she always has a plan for everything and how it's going to work out without thinking about any of the repercussions or consequences, but I think that's what makes her so loveable."

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