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It's Complicated

A romantic comedy with a twist (aren’t they all?), It’s Complicated centers around Jane (Streep), who begins an affair with her ex-husband, Jake (Baldwin), during their son’s college graduation weekend. There are several complications: Jake is remarried, with a stepson and a younger wife who wants to have another baby; Jake and Jane’s children are still smarting from their parents’ divorce ten years previously; and Jane has begun to feel an attraction for Adam (Martin), the architect who is designing a new kitchen wing for her house. Are the characters able to overcome the complications and move on with their lives? No spoilers here…. Because Jane studied cooking in France and now owns and operates a bakery/restaurant, the film features a good deal of mouth-watering food: oven-roasted chicken, fresh green salad with pasta, “croque monsieur” (grilled cheese) sandwiches, homemade bread (of course), luscious berry pies, lavender ice cream, and double-chocolate layer cake. Jane even teaches Adam (and the viewer) how to make chocolate croissants. All of which makes this another movie not to be seen on an empty stomach.
Released 2009
Written and directed by Nancy Meyers
Starring Meryl Streep as Jane, Alec Baldwin as Jake, Steve Martin as Adam, John Krasinski as Harley, Lake Bell as Agness, Mary Kay Place as Joanne, Rita Wilson as Trisha, Alexandra Wentworth as Diane, Hunter Parrish as Luke, Zoe Kazan as Gabby, Caitlin Fitzgerald as Lauren, and Emjay Anthony as Pedro
Awards: 2009 NBR Award for Best Ensemble Cast

Restaurant in China Uses Robots to Cook, Deliver Food  — PSFK
But all hope is not yet lost for the traditional server- the robots still need help cooking complicated meals, and must run along a fixed track.

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Devil's food with chocolate ganache topping. food network dot com. Look for Ina Garten's recipe!

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