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Its Complicated recipes from movie

Movie House in It's Complicated_wmThe movie, It’s Complicated was released in December 2009 and even today many of us remember the wonderful interiors Nancy Meyers created for the movie.

As is so often the case with movie houses, the exterior was the only actual part of the home that made it into the movie. All the interior scenes were filmed on set in New York.

The home, located at 714 West Potrero Road, Thousand Oaks, CA is actually available to purchase now.

As you can see, the exterior still looks very much the same as it did in the movie.

House in It's Complicated now for sale_wm

It has a great front porch…

Let’s go inside and take the tour.

As you can see, the living room doesn’t look anything like the one in the movie.

Here’s the living room from the movie…very different. They kept the concept of the open beam ceiling but lofted it for the movie.

The dining room in the real home…

…and here’s the dining area in the movie.

Remember that kitchen we loved in the movie? Glance over to the far left…see the rolling cart?

It's Complicated Movie House for Sale_wm

In the movie, Jane (played by Meryl Streep) has a baking station/center set up with flour, sugar, etc… You can see it there behind her.

Here’s the kitchen in the real house…very different, isn’t it?

Before I looked back at my old post where we toured the movie house, and reminded myself the interior shots were filmed on a sound stage, I was struggling trying to figure out how this could be the kitchen in the movie. I had myself convinced the door and window we see at the end of the kitchen in the photo above, must be the door and window we see behind Jane (below) in the movie.

I guess when they created the kitchen in the sound stage, they tried to incorporate some features from the real house. It makes sense that the windows would need to look the same since the real ones are viewable in the movie.

Back of Home in Movie, It's Complicated_wm

Here’s a hallway/breezeway from the real house.

It really reminded me of this hallway in the movie. The floor is very similar.

The real house has at least 4 bedrooms…I guessing this is the master bedroom.

You can see in the movie, the master bedroom has an open beam ceiling.

Maybe they took their inspiration for the master bedroom ceiling from this bedroom in the real home.

A courtyard off the real home…

Remember this pool scene from the movie? Notice how the grass goes right up to the edge of the pool? They must have added that for the movie.

House from It's Complicated For Sale_wm Tour the Home in the Movie,  It's Complicated_wm Living Room in House in Movie,  It's Complicated_wm Living Room in It's Complicated Movie

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