Most Complicated food recipes / Complicated Recipes

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Most Complicated food recipes

As Kuan says, anything using charcuterie, if you make it yourself:

Choucroute garni, especially if you make your own sauerkraut, sausages, smoked meats, etc.

Cassoulet, because the duck confit takes time to make, as do (again) sausages, etc.

Coq au vin, because there's the chicken, the mushrooms, the lardons, the onions, and the sauce.

Bisteya/Bastilla, with fillo-type pastry sheets, cooked chicken/pigeons, eggs, ground almonds and spices - many elements, some of which take great skill to handle.

Mole - some of the versions can have as many as 100 ingredients in the sauce; and that's only the sauce, not the meat/poultry and garnishes.

Then again, even good pizza could be considered complicated and difficult, if you make your own tomato sauce and are not used to working with yeast doughs.

And an amateur can struggle with just about anything, if s/he has not developed any skills and has no good advice to follow. :( One of the hardest things to learn is to cook a steak properly.

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