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Most complicated recipes

Most Complicated recipes

There's a thread on simple ones - which is awesome. What I get stuck on is: I see a complicated recipe, but sometimes I'm concerned that it's not a GOOD recipe, and the results won't have been worth all the work. I think Molly Stevens rosemary ale maple shortribs has a ton of steps, but worth every single one. So by complicated I mean, either a lot of steps or a tricky procedure or esoteric ingredients (sometimes finding the right specific ingredient is the most difficult part of the recipe!). or some or all of the above. And I'm interested in baking recipes, too.

I'm not talking about, "it looks complicated but most of the steps are unnecessary" like, for example, a Cook's Illustrated recipe that tells you to stir counter-clockwise while standing on one leg for thirty seconds. When really you only need to do it for twenty-five. :o) I'm looking for the ones where it's complicated, and/or hard, and/or tricky, and worth it!

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