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Recipes from the movie its Complicated

Tour the Home in the Movie, It’s Complicated

It’s been almost two years now, but I still remember how excited I was when I heard another movie written and directed by the talented Nancy Meyers was about to be released. It’s Complicated was released in December 2009 and since I’m a self-confessed movie house junkie, I wondered if another amazing house would be “starring” in this movie, too. Nancy Meyers has the amazing ability to turn the sets/houses in her movies into full-fledged characters, just as she did with the darling English cottage in, the beach house in and the stately Colonial in .

In an interview with Indiewire, Ms. Meyers described the house in It’s Complicated as “an extension of character.” It’s so true; often the houses in the movies written and directed by Nancy Meyers deserve top billing along with the stars. They bring so much to the movie, establishing the mood and atmosphere that permeates the entire movie from start to finish.

Tour the home in the movie, It's Complicated, starring Meryl Streep and Alec BaldwinSynopsis:
It’s Complicated is a movie about a couple who were married 20+ years and have been divorced for 10. Jane, played by Meryl Streep, owns her own bakery and Jake, played by Alec Baldwin, is a successful attorney. In the movie, Jake has married a much younger woman, Agness, with whom he had an affair. Agness is interested in having more children, in addition to the child she already has who was the result of a brief romance she participated in when she and Jake were temporarily split up. Did ya follow all that? lol It’s a soap opera life.

During the movie, Jane and Jake find themselves back together again at their son, Luke’s graduation and before you know it, they are having an affair. Jane now finds herself in the role of the mistress to her ex-husband. She is now cheating with her ex-husband on the woman who broke up their marriage. Yep, it is definitely complicated.

Tour the home in the movie, It's Complicated, starring Meryl Streep and Alec BaldwinThe story is told with humor and when asked what “genre” the movie falls in, Nancy Meyers called it a “Relationship Comedy.” The three children of Jane and Jake are played by Hunter Parrish as Luke, Zoe Kazan as Gabby and Caitlin Fitzgerald as Lauren. Lauren’s fiancé Harley, is played by John Krasinski who I read had a small role in another Nancy Meyers film, The Holiday. There’s a great article about the movie and how the cast was chosen HERE.

Now, let’s get to the good part…the tour! Seventy percent of the movie takes place in a beautiful Spanish style (Mediterranean) home in Thousand Oaks, California, although, in the movie, the house is supposed to be in Santa Barbara.

Tour the home in the movie, It's Complicated, starring Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin The home in the Movie, It's Complicated Tour the home in the movie, It's Complicated, starring Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin Tour the home in the movie, It's Complicated, starring Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin

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