Healthy Eating recipes to lose weight / Complicated Recipes

Healthy eating recipes to lose

Healthy Eating recipes to lose weight

We've counted the calories, so you can count on quick, delicious meals and get ready to drop the pounds.

You may switch ingredients in these recipes if they contain foods you dislike — just be sure you substitute foods with a similar calorie count (USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference). For example, if you don't like fish, you may substitute the same number of calories' worth of chicken; if you abhor tomatoes, you may substitute green beans. If you prefer peaches on cereal instead of strawberries, peaches are peachy with us.

The following calorie-free drinks are allowed anytime: water, flavored seltzer, diet iced tea (lemon wedge is fine), or diet soda.

A Note About Coffee and Tea
Continue with your regular caffeine habit, unless it's really excessive! Try not to exceed three cups of (regular, caffeinated) coffee or four cups of (regular, caffeinated) tea. Less is even better. You don't have to limit decaffeinated coffee or tea. Keep in mind that each teaspoon of sugar is 16 calories, and each little prepackaged container of cream is 21 calories. Try switching to 1 percent milk for just 12 calories per fluid ounce (about 2 tablespoons) and limit sugar to about 2 teaspoons daily.

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.. which may seem rather limited to some customers. However, Long emphasizes that the recipes change often. “We curate our menu and refresh it weekly so we can offer our customers healthy and hearty recipes that are quick and easy to prepare,” she says.

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