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Healthy recipes for Children

It often takes special superpowers to get kids to eat their veggies and other healthy foods. We know that good nutrition helps children grow up healthy and strong. But did you also know it helps kids learn, and earn more when they grow up? That's according to Save the Children's new report Food for Thought.

Earn your Cape as a Supermom in the Kitchen

President Obama and world leaders, who will come together at two global nutrition summits (known as the G8) in June, should take this issue on. But we need your help. Can we tap the power of your words to reach your readers and President Obama in this fight against child hunger?

Here's what you can do to earn your cape in the kitchen before June 17th:

  • Follow the Gr8 Recipe for Child Nutrition Awareness


  • Write about why healthy food is good for kids on your blog and create a Gr8 healthy recipe for kids, either with 8 ingredients or that costs under $8.
  • Tweet the link to your blog post and Gr8 recipe, and use the hashtag #Gr8Recipes and either #SavetheChildren or @SavetheChildren
  • Tweet to President Obama.
  • Ask President Obama to put addressing child malnutrition – especially in the first 1, 000 days of a child's life when their bodies and brains grown rapidly - at the top of his agenda. Tell him to put forth a concrete plan at the June nutrition summits that includes a target to reduce stunted growth in children and a strong financial commitment to get the job done.

Mix minced mushrooms with meat to boost flavor, cut cost  — Columbia Daily Tribune
The push for blending started in 2011, when the Mushroom Council, an industry trade group, joined a Culinary Institute of America initiative called the Healthy Menus R&D Collaborative.

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