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Junior MasterChef Australia recipe

angrybird_Cookies_y3kGee whiz! The power that be on the official website decided to change all the links to their recipes this year, so all links below are useless now! They are idiots really and did not even bother to add a re-direction for the old links… Don’t they want outside links to their website? I know I get a lot of traffic here from oversea viewers who do not want to go directly to the official website to search in case they stumble across the winner as they are just watching the series now or recently, so all my effort of providing links based on episode to their website are now all down the drain! If you can be bothered, you can copy the shortcut for a particular recipe link and paste it to the address bar, but you need to change the link, adding the word recipes/ as follows, for example:
old link –
change to – recipes/harrys-seafood-paella.htm

Spoilers Alert: don’t click into this post if you have recorded the show but not watched it yet!

Angry Bird Cookies.
Don’t you just love these Angry Bird Cookies, how cute are they? OK, in case you are still confused, I did not make them, in fact they are on the cover of a new cookbook called “Cartoon Cookies” from the My Secret Recipes Series of Y3K Cookbooks published in Malaysia. They are now on my ever increasing to-bake list… but as usual with most of Asian cookbooks, the recipe is not very clear, it doesn’t tell us how big each cookie is or how many cookies can be made from the quantities given! Guess we will just have to use a lot of common sense with a dash of guesstimation to accomplish the task of making them…
Anyway, I thought it is just the right photo, I’m sure all kids will love them, to accompany this post as the second series of Junior MasterChef Australia gets ready to premiere tonight on Channel 10. After the debacle that was the third season of MasterChef Australia earlier this year, let’s just keep all our fingers crossed that this second junior series will be as good as last year.

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  • - Choose the building you want to visit (Kitchen, Supermarket, Cooking Academy)
  • - Each building is a mini game that helps a player collect stars, 1 stars are needed to become a masterchef
  • - After finishing each game, a player wins 1 to 5 stars
  • - While playing, a player keeps all collected stars which help him to become a master chef
  • - The Supermarket is the place where a player matches the same ingredients from the shopping list
  • - The Cooking Academy is the place where ingredients are to be guessed as quickly as possible by connecting stars
  • - In the master chef kitchen, players must make as many pizzas as possible. The pizza that is to be made is to look as similar as possible to the pizza on the picture
  • - To be a true masterchef, along with the stars, a player must win a bronze, silver, gold and finally the diamond badge

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