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Junior MasterChef cookbook

What can I say? Another quality production from HarperCollins for Junior MasterChef Australia - the second series cookbook for kids. Like the TV show, this is quality all the way.

A striking blue cover, gorgeous typefacing, layout and design are the bones for a fabulous set of recipes that both kids and adults will enjoy whipping up in la cuisine.

The book has been cleverly divided into sections from around the world - starting with Australia and moving through Europe, Asia and the Americas.
In Australia, kids can make pumpkin soup with sage damper, tropical fruit pav with lime and mint, and barbecued prawn skewers with mango and avocado salsa, just to name a few.

In Spain, they can treat mum and dad to a fabulous line-up, including tostadas, garlic prawns or a Spanish tortilla. But don't forget the orange caramel flan.

In China, salt and pepper calamari is on the menu, as is beef and black bean stir-fry and fried rice with prawn and egg. In England - what else but bacon and egg pie, self-saucing sticky date pud or Victoria sponge with jam and cream?

France, Italy, India, Mexico, Japan, Morocco and Greece are also covered, making this book a true culinary voyage around the world.

I love how the recipes are both traditional and modern. I also love how the dishes have not been 'dumbed down' - and allow kids to up their skills with something a little more sophisticated.

Notes on cooking basics, fabulous photos and props, and chef's tips throughout, make this a fun, functional and fabulous book for children aged 8+ - and for Mum and Dad, too.

Title: Junior MasterChef Australia - Series 2 Cookbook

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Where can I get the knives used on Junior Master Chef Australia by the children?

They are brightly coloured and I have seen them on other cooking shows with children and would love to find out who makes them or where I can get them.

check kitchenware warehouse / kitchware direct online.

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