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Junior MasterChef Season 1 recipes

In contrast to prior series, Junior MasterChef Australia is produced by Shine Australia. The series premiered on Sunday, 12 September 2010. It also added Anna Gare as fourth judge during individual challenges.

The series began with the Top 50 selected from the 5, 500 applicants who auditioned for the show. The Top 50 featured five heats, with ten from the Top 50 who were best at the heat's team participating in each heat. Afterwards, the judges selected four to move forward to the Top 20. Furthermore, the Top 20 competed in two challenges to pick the Top 12. Contrast to other versions, contestants are not eliminated every week; rather, four are eliminated at every stage of the competition. Every eliminated contestant received a range of prizes, including those in the Top 50.

The top 12 contestants were chosen throughout the first week of challenges amongst the Top 50 and the Top 20. The full group of 12 were all revealed on Sunday, 26 September 2010:

Ep# Original airdate Episode Title / Event Total viewers Nightly Ranking Weekly Ranking
Series Premiere: Top 50 Heat 1 & 2 - 20 of the top 50 participated in two heats focusing on international dishes and desserts. Four will be selected from each heats, wherein Gary, George and Anna decide who will form the first 8 of the Top 20. In Heat 1, the first 10 contestants cooked dishes representing a foreign country's cuisine. Eventually, Tayla, Nick, Isabella B. and Sofia wowed the judges with their French, Greek and Italian representations. In Heat 2, the 10 best pastry chefs among the Top 50 prepared a dessert of their choice for the judges. Ashley, Clarence, Lucy and Sam triumphed and advanced to the Top 20. 2, 202, 000 1st
Top 50 Heat 3, 4 & 5 - The remaining 30 of the top 50 competed in the last three heats. In Heat 3, the 10 greatest seafood chefs served their dishes to the three judges and Matt. Sophie J., Sophie M., Ainsleigh and Alex impressed the most, gaining their spots in the Top 20. In Heat 4, the 10 youngest cooks of the Top 50 made their signature dishes, in which Nick L., Te Ani, Siena and Anthony won. In the last heat, the 10 remaining chefs put up meat dishes. In the end, Emily, Jack, Cassidy and Pierre completed the Top 20. For the 30 eliminated contestants, the judges presented them a plaque and an array of cooking equipment certifying their qualification in the Top 50. 1, 748, 000 7th
Top 20 Cooking Challenge - To narrow the Top 20 into twelve, the contestants took part in two rounds where the six best contestants of each challenge will be chosen by the judges. In Round 1, the Top 20 were surprised with an Invention Test composing of two core ingredients: chicken and vegetables which will be freshly hand-picked by the cooks themselves. The Invention Test saw Nick L., Isabella B., Sofia, Jack, Alex and Sam rising on the occasion. In Round 2, the remaining 14 contestants go under a Pressure Test where they will recreate runner-up Callum Hann's Chocolate Croissant Pudding with Berries, Cream and Chocolate Sauce. The dish propelled Lucy, Anthony, Emily, Siena, Pierre and Cassidy to the Top 12. As for the 8 eliminated contestants, they received the same prizes that the Top 50 had. 1, 507, 000 8th
Invention Test 1 - Pie theme. The contestants were informed that they will compete for points in every challenge, in which chefs with the highest points will get through to the next stage; and that elimination will take place during each stage of the competition. Then, the cooks competed in their first Mystery Box Challenge in the MasterChef kitchen, with Isabella's Lemon Meringue Cupcake winning her the challenge and picking lamb as key ingredient in the Invention Test. Ultimately, Pierre's Lamb Wellington with Spinach and Mushroom Duxelles granted him first place and power in the next Team Challenge. 1, 390, 000 2nd 4th
Team Challenge 1 and Pressure Test 1 - In their first Team Challenge, the cooks run a high school tuck shop and cook for 100 students of Hunters Hill High School. Pierre, led the red team: Isabella, Jack, Alex...
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Where can we Watch MasterChef (US) Season 1 Episode 10 Online Streaming on your PC or Laptop?

Where can we Watch MasterChef (US) Season 1 Episode 10 Online Streaming on your PC or Laptop?

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