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MasterChef Australia recipe book

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MasterChef has ignited the tastebuds of the nation. The new book gets behind the scenes of the show with your favourite contestants, and back to basics with ingredients and cooking techniques.

Organised in a week-by-week format, the new look cookbook allows you to take a trip back through the highs and lows of series 3 and flex your own culinary muscle with hundreds of fabulous MasterChef recipes from your favourite celebrity chefs and contestants.

Join Hayden, Michael, Dani, Sun, Billy and the rest of our jolly band of culinary heroes on their action-packed adventure from a farmer’s field in country Victoria to the farther-flung pastures of Central Park, New York City.

It’s one treat after another as you turn the pages of this tantalising cookbook - let “Dessert Queen” Billy show you how to create the perfect Swiss Roll or follow the gospel according to Hayden in the production of the perfect moules and frites.

Let Kumar guide you through the essentials of a Sri Lankan curry and hold Mum Kate’s hand as she shows you the way of her elimination-evading apple pie and custard. Yum! If that’s not enough let the experts show you how to indulge in Nigella’s Red Velvet Cupcakes and George’s Mum’s authentic koupes, hummus and tzatziki.

Winner's Foreword
The Top 24
Week 1: The Top 50
Week 2 =: Rise and Shine!
Week 3: Battle of the Sexes
Week 4: Smoke and Sizzle
Week 5: Mines and Vines
Week 6: Youth vs Experience
Week 7: OMG Moments
Week 8: Greek is the World
Week 9: Yes, Chef!
Week 11: New York Stories
Week 12: The Dalai Lama's Lunch
Week 13: Cook for Someone You Love
Week 14: A New Masterchef
Cooking Notes

ISBN: 877
ISBN-10: 860
Audience: General

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