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MasterChef Australia Season 3

The series aired for three weeks, mostly during the 2012 Summer Olympics. It was also the last iteration of the show to be shot in the MasterChef kitchen in Alexandria, Sydney, home of the series for all past seasons.

The following contestants returned from Season's 2009 (Blue Team), 2010 (Red Team) and 2011 (Yellow Team). Notable absentees were Season 2010 winner Adam Liaw (due to shooting his new TV series) and Season 2011 runner-up Michael Weldon. The initial stages of the competition focused on the Teams raising money, but from episode 7, contestants competed separately and were eliminated in order to crown the 'best of the best' All-Star.

Ep# Original airdate Episode Title / Event Total viewers
(5 Metro Cities)
Nightly Ranking Weekly Ranking
Series Premiere: Croquembouche Challenge - The MasterChef All-Stars returned to the kitchen and were given a "rude awakening" by Adriano Zumbo with the greatest classic MasterChef dessert: Season 1's croquembouche. The Blue Team produced the worst copy of Zumbo's piece with various technical flaws. As it boiled down to the Red Team and the Yellow Team, the judges preferred the overall decoration and silky custard of the Yellows over the consistency and richer caramel of the Reds. The Yellows won the first $20, 000 at $5, 000 per contestant for their charity of choice. 1, 256, 000 1st 19th
International Challenge - The teams were faced with a four-round challenge, in which one member from each team cooked against each other. The winner of each round would earn $5, 000 for their charity. Each team captain picked their champion, and the team that won the previous challenge would get to pick the cuisine to be cooked in the next round. As the Yellows won the previous challenge, team captain Kate got the first cuisine and contestant pick. She pitted herself against Julie and Jonathan in Lebanese food. Jonathan produced a bad dish, while Julie managed to snag a win. Julie then picked Poh to go up against Marion and Dani in Chinese. Dani scored a surprising win with her modern take on a traditional Chinese dessert. Kate then let Kumar take on Aaron and Chris in Indian cuisine, with Chris' sophisticated salmon dish taking the prize over top favourite Kumar's mussel curry. Justine, Callum and Hayden were assigned French cuisine by Julie, and it was Callum's dish that pulled off the first win for the Reds. 728, 000 7th 38th
Offsite Challenge - The teams prepared a sausage sizzle for 100 trainee firefighters. The winning team would be determined by total votes given by the firefighters and would be given an advantage for the next day's Mystery Box Challenge. The Blue Team's pork and fennel sausages splitting and oozing all their fat led them to be dry and left them in third place with 28 votes. It was a tie between the Yellows and Reds with 36 votes each. As the decision came down to the judges, they preferred the Red Team's dish despite inconsistency...

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