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MasterChef Finalists Talk Behind The Scenes Cooking Classes And Tonight’s Final Challenge

We got the chance to sit in on a round table interview with MasterChef finalists Josh Marks and Christine Ha recently, and they dished on everything from what cooking help the home cooks really get behind the scenes, to how the judges treated them, to their most feared mystery box challenge, and, of course, how Christine’s blindness defined this season’s competition.

While the shooting schedule for MasterChef may not be quite as grueling as the 20-hour days for four weeks straight the Top Chef contestants must endure, they are shooting six days a week for eleven weeks (and yes, Joe Bastianich, Gordon Ramsay, and Graham Elliot stick around that whole time).

Says Josh, “We cook every single day except Sunday. On Sunday we either have free time in the kitchen or in a cooking class.”

Wait, what now? You read correctly: cooking class. We were wondering how two non-bakers with no culinary training made three souffles in 60 minutes. As it turns out, the MasterChef-testants do get a bit of training behind the scenes, and everyone has access to “a full library of pretty much every cookbook in the world” between challenges to study. But no one has any prior knowledge of what the challenges will be, no one gets to consult the library during challenges, and the cooking classes aren’t necessarily specifically tailored to that week’s challenges.

Check out the Q & A we sat in on below to learn more about the cooking classes, how Christine felt being “the favorite, ” and a big hint about tonight’s finale.

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