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Item 3 - MasterChef Dinner

MasterChef dinner

Jodie Kidd’s new status as the runner up in the Celebrity MasterChef final means that the supermodel’s fiancé David Blakeley has now been demoted to helping with breakfasts.

“All lunches and dinners now take one hour and 15 minutes, no matter what, ” the former soldier tells Mandrake at the Veuve Clicquot Gold Cup at Cowdray Park. “It’s delicious, but you do have to wait.”

I disclosed in June that Jodie is to take charge of CNN’s equestrian coverage. She is now looking forward to a year of travel with her son Indio, two, for the job.

“As he’s not yet at school age, he should be able to come with me for a lot of the trips I will have to take, ” she says.

An acquired taste

David Cameron was pictured gingerly eating a hot dog that was given to him by Barack Obama as the pair watched a basketball game in Ohio. Now it may be the American president’s turn to try out some calorific British cuisine.

Ask the Test Kitchen: What are the best brands of fat-free spreads?  — Detroit Free Press
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Popular Q&A

School master chef recipe ideas?

So we're having a masterchef comp and we need to make something in 1 hour, it has to be simple but shows some skills, I don't know what to make help!
Thanks x

If its just one course I'd do some pastry work. Pastry is pretty easy to make if you practise and you could make a tart or pie. This would show skill and give you time to work on sides while it's in the oven. You could make a nice sauce or reduction to go with it.
Another idea is a savory strudel. Again it depends on how your pastry work is but its something other people probably won't think of.
Personally I'd do a curry as I don't think you can beat good indian food. Focus on packing it with flavour and serve with some coconut flavoured rice. You could even make some pakora to go wit…

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