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MasterChef dinner recipes

Masterchef contestants at dinnerTears, laughs, gossip and plenty of incredible food. For the six Wellington-based MasterChef New Zealand contestants, getting together each week to watch themselves on the telly is a chance to reminisce about their time on the hit TV One show: the good times, the bad, and the moments they wished never happened.

Glynn Rudolph and James Culleton, Nikki and Jordan Shearer, and Jenn Clark and Elizabeth Marshall take turns hosting the others and all say it’s great to watch the show with people who have also been through it – and of course, as James says, it’s a great excuse to eat, drink and be merry.

Masterchef Nikki's Asian Slaw

“It’s like a weird support group, ” laughs Jordan. “It’s great to be able to laugh and cringe together!”

“Yeah, we all have moments from the MasterChef kitchen we want to have included in the show and others we’d prefer stay on the editing room floor, ” adds Elizabeth. “And we know what’s happened behind the scenes and the edits! We all have a laugh – and sometimes Glynn cries!”

The tight-knit group, out of which only Nikki and Jordan are left in the running to win the gruelling competition, started the tradition after meeting to watch the premiere episode together in a Wellington pub. They decided to carry on the tradition in their own homes.

Masterchef's Jordan’s Spicy Popcorn Prawn Sliders“It’s the easiest way to get a really delicious feed, ” remarks Glynn, wryly.

“And it’s great to watch with people who have shared the experience, ” says Nikki.

“We all groan and laugh at the same things knowing what has gone on behind the scenes, and gasp with horror when some contestants talk negatively about other contestants in the interviews!”

Along with reliving their finest moments in the kitchen, the group also have to see things they’d rather forget, such as when Elizabeth thought she and Jenn had run out of water in a baking challenge, only to realise all she had to do was turn on the tap, or when Nikki had a meltdown when confronted with a tiramisu.

“It’s known in my household as a ‘terrormisu’ now!” she laughs. “I had no idea what I was doing and I went into a complete panic. I didn’t like watching that episode. I held my best friend’s hand the whole way through. But we survived – and I’ve since nailed the dessert!”

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School master chef recipe ideas?

So we're having a masterchef comp and we need to make something in 1 hour, it has to be simple but shows some skills, I don't know what to make help!
Thanks x

If its just one course I'd do some pastry work. Pastry is pretty easy to make if you practise and you could make a tart or pie. This would show skill and give you time to work on sides while it's in the oven. You could make a nice sauce or reduction to go with it.
Another idea is a savory strudel. Again it depends on how your pastry work is but its something other people probably won't think of.
Personally I'd do a curry as I don't think you can beat good indian food. Focus on packing it with flavour and serve with some coconut flavoured rice. You could even make some pakora to go wit…

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