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MasterChef Season 4 recipes

The remaining Cheftestants are headed to Sunset Boulevard and Paramount Studios for a team challenge. They find themselves on a set that seems quite familiar to some contestants…the set of “Glee”. What a surprise – another FOX tv show they can shamelessly promote! Bri is unsurprisingly especially excited about this challenge as it turns out they are going to be serving lunch to 100 cast and crew members.

Krissi and Jessie are team captains. This is going to be Jessie’s second time as captain so she’s feeling confident. There’s a twist, though, as the captains won’t get to pick their team members: Glee cast member Jane Lynch will have the honors. She says Jessie looks like Beauty and Krissi the “Beast”, so she’s going to pick teams based on that theme. After first sorting everyone out, she says she doesn’t like how the teams look so she switches a few people around. At the end of this Krissi’s Blue Team ends up with James, Natasha, Bime, Jordan, Bethy and Jonny. Jessie’s Red Team is Bri, Savannah, Eddie, Luca, Beth and Lynn. Jessie is especially glad she has Lynn on her team.

They have 90 minutes to prepare and 1 hour to serve picky eaters menus that must contain fried chicken, grilled salmon, and a vegan lasagna as options. Red team is doing a pesto sauce for their vegan lasagna. Blue team is doing a tomato sauce on theirs, and seems to be doing well under Krissi’s strong leadership. Everyone has a task assigned: Bime is doing the fried chicken. Jonny is making cole slaw. Jordan is on salmon. Bethe and James are on lasagna and Krissi and Natasha are doing the potatoes. In contrast, Jessie’s Red Team seems to be under a lot of pressure – Jessie is doing the scalloped potatoes and cuts her finger on the mandoline. “Medic!” she calls quickly and seems to be ready to pass out from the blood.

(I need to add a side note here that I’m watching this episode with my partner who is a doctor, and he’s rolling his eyes and calling fake on the whole finger drama. “You don’t bleed like that, ” he says, and thinks it isn’t even Jessie’s real finger. I’m just putting that out here, not making the call myself!)

While Jessie is out of commission, the Red Team is struggling with their prep while the Blue Team seems to be sailing along. Their lasagna is in the oven, so are the potatoes. Joe says Bime’s chicken tastes good. Jessie comes back in to cook with twenty minutes to go. Troubles continue with Red Team as their salmon which is sticking to the grill. Their Asian-style soy glaze is causing it to stick. Joe wants them to switch to the flat top instead of the grill. The judges don’t think the Red Team can turn it around unless they really pull out some great flavors (do we see where this is heading? Almost always, the team that seems to be down the most ends up winning…)

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