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MasterChef vegetarian recipes

portraitJackie-KearneyHe continues: “Vegetarian’ is just another word for ‘bad hunter”.

No doubt he’s hamming it up for the papers but it does go to show just how much vegetarian Masterchef finalist (pictured above) Jackie Kearney had to impress the meat-loving presenter.

“You do have to win people over with vegetarian cooking, ” admits Jackie who has not only won over Masterchef presenters with her Asian based suppers but some of the toughest vege critics out there – meat and three veg Yorkshireman.

“Some of the best complements I have had are from big burly meat eating men who have been tricked into coming to my supper clubs!”

Since Masterchef, Jackie has been creating underground pop up supper clubs – banana leaf Thali nights and five course Asian feasts – both in London and from her home in Manchester.

And she is noticing a big change in attitude to vege dining. “There used to be a lot of bad vege food out there and it certainly put me off wanting to eat out but you can buy so many great products now.” And Jackie is sure that Suma has been a part of that change.

“Suma offers some really great products. I think one of my favourites would be the vegetarian pates – mushroom. The best thing is, I can buy Suma products without having to read the labels. I know I’m buying from people who care as much about food as I do. It’s really hard for me to shop in the supermarket because I read every label – and that’s time consuming!”

But it’s creating delicious vege street food that she’s really excited about.

“I am blown away by the street food revolution that’s happening in the UK. Forget your dirty burgers from the side of the road – this is a food phenomenon.”

And she’s right. Street food is certainly one of the biggest trends in Western cooking right now. “I love it because it’s fresh, delicious – and anyone can afford it it. In India you’ll see a suited businessman sitting next to someone with little money – both outside street vendors. I like the idea of serving food with no boundaries.”

So much so that she has invested in her own trailer and is as keen to open up for dining in Manchester as she is about following the festival circuit. “The street food explosion has been based in London – I’m keen to bring it up North, ” she says.

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