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Recipes of Junior MasterChef Australia

Little teary-eyed children between the ages of 8 to 12 narrating how they come from homes where they are the sole breadwinners and would rather join the army than be chefs, or how their father’s body caught fire, or how they help their mother make 100 dabbas a day – all interspersed with copious crying. Presided over by three men in velvet and suede jackets who look at the children unblinkingly and keep prodding them about their tragic lives till they shed a tear or ten. Welcome to Amul Junior Masterchef Swaad Ka Ustaad - the most horrific spectacle on Indian television I have had the misfortune of watching. And I've watched Nach Baliye with Rahul Mahajan and Rakhi Ka Swayamvar, so my threshold is very low.

Swaad Ka Ustaad is a spinoff on the highly successful and very well-made Junior Masterchef series. Now what was lovely about Junior Masterchef Australia – which had been telecast in India last year - was how happy the entire show was. The spirit of competition was kept to a minimum, the children were stupendously talented and the entire series had an air of celebration about it.

But hey, this is India where drama, pathos and tragedy mark every reality show. So why should children be spared? The Indian version has three judges – who go by their first names like Hindi film villains of yore - Chef Jolly, Chef Vikas and Chef Kunal. If the children have been handpicked to be desi versions of the little matchstick girl, these three have been handpicked to remind one of deviant Willy Wonkas. If I was a parent, I would be most concerned about letting my children near three grown men who giggled, convulsed and gesticulated so ridiculously.

Just so you know how things work in the land of reality shows, contestants have to fill in forms which are scanned by the production team. From these forms, candidates are selected, these candidates are then shortlisted depending on interviews during which clearly someone handpicks the most tragic tales of despair and devastation which they think make for great voyeuristic TV. Before the judges meet anyone, they are briefed about the pick of the litter and these “high entertainment” contestants are featured for longer than others.

MasterChef Australia grand finalists Emelia Jackson, Laura Cassai and Brent ..  —
Without a recipe .. MasterChef contestant Kira Westwick unveils her croquembouche. Source: Channel 10. Each of the three contestants had a bit of the recipe, but none of them had it all.

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