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Difficult bread recipes

I’m finishing up my Top 10 series with all of my favorite yeast breads. This was a particularly hard category to narrow down because making homemade yeast bread is one of the most relaxing and satisfying things for me in the kitchen. I love the smell of the yeasted dough, how it feels in my hands while I knead it, seeing it raise, watching it puff in the oven, and then slicing through a crust, through a wonderful crumb, and taking that first warm bite. I love everything about the process, and could easily eat all of these over and over again. I did narrow it down, since this is a Top 10 list after all! I hope you enjoy my favorites, and take the time to explore the rest of my yeast breads on the site.

– This is the ultimate homemade white bread – perfect for your favorite sandwiches and breakfast toast.

– Absolutely sinful, a great breakfast (or dessert) treat around the holidays!

– This is ah-mazing bread – cinnamon-spiked dough with swirls of raisins and walnuts. It’s an incredible breakfast bread.

– Much like bagels, English muffins are an awesome store-bought item to make at home. They aren’t too difficult, and a million times better than anything you’ll buy!

– This runs a close second to the American Sandwich Bread in terms of favorite breads. It also makes a fabulous sandwich bread – soft and light but full of flavor!

– An amazing loaf of Italian bread! It has a hard crust and a melt-in-your-mouth soft crumb. It’s a perfect bread to make on a lazy Sunday along with some spaghetti and meatballs.

– This one ranks up there in the top 3 for me – so much flavor and such a wonderfully light crumb. This is a great one to make around Thanksgiving for leftover turkey sandwiches!

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