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Difficult cake recipes

Maybe you've noticed things have been quiet around here. I wish I could tell you that I jetted off to Jamaica for a two week stint of sunbathing and drinking. That would have been nice. And a helluva lot better than the truth. The thing is, my handsome man ended our relationship in the early hours of this brand new year. It came without a great deal of warning, so you can imagine how majorly my little world has been thrown off its axis. Life is still very raw, very sad, but somehow I'm carrying on through these difficult days. He was a huge part of my life, and I was convinced that the right man had finally come along. Turns out some of the best things simply are not meant to be. Life can be quite beautiful, but it can also be incredibly unfair, dumping terrible circumstances on those who deserve it the least. The hard part now is picking my heart off the floor and trying to fill the hole the handsome man leaves behind.

Before my life went to crap this horrible event, I had grand plans for my first post of 2013 - it was to be full of highlights of 2012, but just the thought of skimming through the posts, where I wrote so much about him and us, reminded me of him. So scrap that idea. The truth is I haven't cooked much at all. Eating and sleeping, two things I tend to do very well, have been rather tricky lately. My appetite has improved a little and I'm hoping to get back in the kitchen soon, for it really is where I feel my best. Sleeping is more hit and miss. If only I could wake up and it was all a nightmare. I look forward to the days when my first thought upon waking won't be he's gone.

I can't thank my friends enough for all of their support - I'd be an even bigger mess if it wasn't for them. Somehow hearing it will get better is incredibly soothing. My mom has been especially awesome. A couple of days after it happened she lured me out of the house with the promise of making doughnuts - and she makes the best doughnuts. Yes, I'm going to eat my feelings and I'm okay with that. Her recipe comes from this old cookbook, which has been around for longer than I. It's full of really great, old timey recipes. Love books like this.

Making doughnuts is a fairly simple and quick process. These are non-yeasted cake doughnuts, so there is no rising involved - baking powder is the secret ingredient. You can have a fresh doughnut in under an hour! The dough is soft and supple and yields a tremendously delicious cake doughnut. I grew up on these!

My mom rolled the dough out and cut it into doughnut shapes. I should note that I did absolutely nothing while these were being made - just snapped away on my iPhone. Being brokenhearted even gets you out of doing the dishes.

Heat oil in a deep fryer, or if you don't have one of those, a large roasting pan with high sides will do. Oil should be around 370*F. Carefully fry them until golden on both sides - it doesn't take long. Have a paper towel lined cookie sheet nearby to drop the finished doughnuts on.
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