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Difficult recipes to Cooking

I'm a curious amateur chef looking for some challenges. What's given you the most trouble in the past?
I'm a 22-year old male about to finish college and start my job in a new state. An important skill that I've wanted to work on is my cooking ability (you know, to, *ahem*, woo the ladies and all). I began seriously challenging myself to do that these past couple semesters, when I've finally had my own kitchen to work with.

My culinary journeys thus far have included (all with varying degrees of success) frittatas, chilis, egg drop soup, stuffed bell peppers, rice pilafs, marinated meats, and many different combinations of vegetables and spices in a frying pan. I want to get to a point where I can cook a meal that's both delicious and interesting. I want to be proud of a meal. With an eye to the interesting half of "delicious and interesting, " I've been in search of meals that are technically difficult to do right, so that I'll be able to practice them.

Vineland author pens third cookbook  — Vineland Daily Journal
Made with curry sauce, cashews and almonds, this was one of the most difficult recipes for him to find and refine.

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Is it difficult translating restaurant recipes into recipes for the home cook?

It isn’t really. I’ve been at it a long time. I once did a Thanksgiving piece many years ago, back in 1984, with Craig Claiborne (the writer for the New York Times). I went to Long Island and spent three days with Craig. We cooked all these different dishes and he was the most fastidious recipe writer I had ever seen in my life. He taught me how people really depend on recipes and that you have an obligation to make it right because when people buy your book or buy your newspaper, they’re expecting the works. I’ve always taken that approach and that’s why it takes me so long to write th…

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