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Easy Mayo-Free Chicken Salad

Most Complicated recipe

Nyleve, I love how you think. Also other like-minded souls in this thread. *cackle*

One reply here would be any recipe my mother or grandmother gave me, in which quantities are described as "just put it in enough so it should be right, " and doneness is described as "it should feel like it's ready." Good luck with that.

Another would be the Jewish specialty Yerushalmi Kugel, a noodle casserole for the Sabbath distinguished by being caramelized before being put in the oven for its gentle overnight heating alongside the chulent. The difficulty, of course, is that involves melting sugar in oil, a skill best learned by watching one's mother and grandmother for several decades before attempting it oneself. So, any recipe with a short ingredient list but requiring perfect technique, like caramelization.

Third recommendation would be Moroccan B'stilla, squab (or other poultry) encased in warka, a kind of pastry, lightly dusted with cinnamon and confectioners' sugar. Done properly, it involves preparing warka from scratch, sitting on the stoop in bright sunlight so you can screen rice to filter out stones, grinding and toasting spices for the ras-el-hanout, cooking the poultry in a broth with vegetables that will also be used to moisten and bind the filling, and several more intricacies until it emerges, piping hot, from the oven.

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  • We believe that one of the main reasons why people aren t able to stick to a diet or eating plan is that the cooking
  • instructions are too complicated.
  • Have you ever looked into a cook book and thought: This recipe looks s good, but I need to go to 4 different
  • shops to find the 17 ingredients required for it IF I even manage to find them all!
  • It doesn t make these recipes bad, it just makes them very unpractical on a daily basis, and sometimes even
  • unrealistic! That s why I decided to stick to 3 ingredients maximum. Practical cooking for busy people is the key!
  • To make it even easier, I offer variations on ingredients and offer tips on possible additions to the recipe so you can
  • decide if you want something a little fancier or if the simple and still yummy version of the recipe suits you best. It
  • will also help you make your selection depending on where you live in the world and which the season you re in!
  • For most recipes, you ll very likely find most if not all the ingredients straight-away in your fridge!

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