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Most difficult recipes

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Franny's is based on the cuisine of Franny's, the popular Brooklyn restaurant that has been named one of the best Italian spots in town. But just because its food is delicious doesn't mean it's easy to make. I wasn't the only one perplexed and mystified by the assertion that the "Pork Cheek and Beef Tongue Terrine" dish, which features the aforementioned eight-pound pig head, was "simple" and "seasonal." That recipe also gave The New Yorker's Emma Allen pause, leading her to conclude that it is one of the recipes she will never attempt. She explains,

[A]s one is striving to master their recipes, the 'easy grace' that seems to extend to the lives of Feinberg and Stephens can grate. The pair met at the Savoy, where she bartended and he worked in the kitchen; seven months later, they jetted off to Italy and were married, by the mayor of Amalfi ... their two kids, Marco and Prue, spend happy hours at farmers markets and eat (not fried) squid—because those are things that kids do!

Yes, you have that right—Franny's out-pretentioused and out-precioused the pretentious and precious folks at The New Yorker. And we sort of admire that.

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The Book That Will Impress Your Friends

by Bjorn Frantzen and Daniel Lindeberg

The Recipe: Blood Dove From Loire Flavored with Pistacio and Green Pepper

"Hey, you know what's so hot right now? Swedish cooking, " said none of your friends ever. But Eater assured us that "the restaurants of Sweden are the new hotness." So, with a leap of faith, we jumped into Bjorn Frantzen and Daniel Lindeberg's World-Class Swedish Cooking and found this recipe. Yes, they're talking about real doves ("mild gamey character in color, flavor, and texture"). And despite all that blood, and all the dove talk, it sorta sounds delicious (blood orange vinegar and "vanilla tones"). But good luck finding the main ingredient. And please, don't go hunting for it in Central Park. We don't endorse that sort of thing. Maybe just stick with squab.

NYS Fair Midway games: How to win a ginormous prize or at least go home happy  — The Post-Standard -
Difficulty: Hard. Ring A Duck: Toss larger, Frisbee-like rings to get them to land around a plastic duck's neck. $5 for 15 rings. Difficulty: Medium. One out of four win.

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