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Brunch recipes for kids

Mothers-Day-brunchThe Sweet:

Overnight French Toast Casserole
There are a gazillion versions of this recipe. And don't even think about pulling a Sophie's Choice on me to pick my favorite, because I can't. But this one is guaranteed to win you compliments (and possibly certain favors of an adult nature from your significant other).

I think the sweet crumb topping is what takes this recipe over the top. That, coupled with the fact that all of the work is done the day before, and you've got a brunch winner that will take you from Easter to Mother's Day.

Dutch Baby Pancake Recipe
Though not designed to be made in advance, dutch babies only take a few minutes to whip up in a blender. The rest of the prep time is spent in the oven. And the result is truly impressive.

To double or triple this recipe, just double the ingredients, and make the dutch babies in two or three pie plates. They can all bake at the same time.

Strawberry French Toast Casserole
This is another make-ahead French toast casserole recipe, but it has a sweet, homemade strawberry sauce. If strawberries are in season where you live right now, you owe it to yourself to make this recipe.

Coconut Scones with Lemon Glaze
Sometimes I impress even myself with my brilliance for pairing ingredients. It's not like nobody has thought of putting lemon and coconut together, but boy was that a great idea for these buttery scones.

Mothers-Day-brunch-recipeThe Savory:

Deviled Eggs Recipe
Is there any time that deviled eggs aren't a good idea? I think not. This recipe is a classic and works as well for brunch as it does for dinner (or a nice snack, for that matter).

Use week-old eggs for the best results. (They're easier to peel.)

Breakfast Casserole Recipe
Mushrooms, bacon and cheese are layered over sandwich bread, then topped with an egg custard and baked in this easy breakfast casserole. Bonus: It can be made the night before.

Bigger bonus: This is the kind of recipe that will have your critical mother-in-law asking you for the recipe.

Can you say, "priceless"?

Spinach Strata Recipe
A strata is what baby French toast casseroles grow up to be when they realize that spinach actually tastes good.

This savory bread pudding-like dish is another make-ahead recipe, made even better with the addition of bacon and two kinds of cheese.

Quick question: Is there anything that isn't made better with bacon and two kinds of cheese?

Didn't think so.

To Drink:

I'm a big fan of fruit and vegetable smoothies. They're a great way to get fruits and vegetables into my kids (and myself) on a daily basis, and they're a great special occasion drink for brunch.

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What kind of breakfast recipes are used in brunch?

There are so many choices when looking for breakfast recipes for a brunch. Egg based casseroles, breads, muffins, fruit dishes and pastries are just to name a few!

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