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Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Delicious recipes for kids

Think you can’t serve vegetables other than corn and mashed potatoes to kids or picky eaters? This collection of veggie side dishes and main dishes that sneak in veggies is worth a try on stubborn diners. When possible, let kids help out in the kitchen, challenge them to try new foods by taking them to the store and letting them pick a new veggie to try, or offer vegetables in new ways.

In this recipe for Pasta with Winter Squash and Pine Nuts, butternut squash breaks down as it cooks to create a smooth, hearty sauce for the pasta. Pasta, a pro at pleasing kids, dressed with a vegetable-based sauce, is sure to please veggie-seeking parents and picky kids all at once.

A cowboy among hippies  — Moose Lake Star-Gazette
I easily won the cowboy over, especially when I pointed out my Texas friend, Beegs. The cowboy volunteered that he was a huge Willie Nelson fan.

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