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is our 2014 Best Family-Friendly Winner!

Thank you to everyone who voted on our 10 finalists in the Family-Friendly Cooking Blog category. Five of the finalists were chosen by you through nomination count, and the other five were chosen by our judges.

Congrats to the winner and make sure to check out ALL the great blogs mentioned in The Homies this year!

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Notes from the Judges

A few select quotes from the judges on their picks:

Mel’s Kitchen Café: Generally speaking, a child will ask to eat today the same thing he or she liked eating yesterday or the day before. Some family-food blogs have recipes that keep kids stuck in the same old ruts; others offer up ideas that are just too grown-up. Melanie, at Mel’s Kitchen Café, hits the sweet spot in the middle that takes kids in healthy and tasty new directions without demanding that they suddenly morph into annoyingly precocious mini-Craig Claibornes or foreshortened Ruth Reichls.

Annie's Eats is one of my favorite sites to visit whenever I need some family-friendly recipe inspiration. Not only are all of her recipes delicious and well-photographed, but it's great to see how often she writes about her family. Whether her post is about baking cupcakes to bring to school or giving an overview of how she plans her kids' birthday parties, Annie's Eats is always bringing something new to the table that's perfect for the whole family.


  • Week 1 - Nomination: Nominate your favorite home design and cooking blogs from Friday, February 14 - Friday, February 21 (until midnight EST). Nominations are approved manually by the editors.
  • Week 2 - Voting: Vote on the ten finalists in each category Saturday, February 22 - Wednesday, Feb. 26 (until midnight EST).
  • Winners' Weekend: Winners will be announced Friday February 28.


  • How are finalists determined? The top five most nominated blogs in each category will become five of the ten finalists.The other five finalists in each category be chosen from the nominees by our editors and a panel of judges.
  • Can I nominate more than one blog? Yes! Nominate as many blogs as you like. The main goal here is to discover and share blogs we love.
  • Can someone be a finalist in more than one category? Nope. They can be nominated in all categories, but they'll only be eligible for finalist status in the category where they received the most nominations.
  • Why wasn't my nomination approved yet? We manually approve each nomination, and we do this on a rolling basis as quickly as we can.
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