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Kids Special Dishes

Max's favorite dish is macaroni and cheese pie, as he calls it—a casserole made in part with butternut squash. Sabrina is onto me. "I don't like that, " she announced the other day, and when I asked why she said, "It has squash." I said, "Who told you that?" and she said, "You did." Now, unless this child slipped truth serum into my coffee, I wouldn't have ever mentioned that. Which makes me wonder whether she has been reading this blog. (Sabrina, if you are reading this blog, go clean your room right now.)

The kids are pretty good eaters, and they do like butternut squash ravioli, pierogies, salmon, garlic chicken and lasagna for dinner. They are, however, very weary of meatloaf.

I'm not the most adventurous cook in the world, unless you count my wondrous abilities to heat up Trader Joe entrees. I could really use some fresh, EASY recipes. Especially ones that make enough portions to last all week. Did I mention EASY? Ideally, they can't be too chewy or crunchy, because Max can't handle foods like that.

If you have a tried-and-true recipe that your family loves, I'd so appreciate it if you left it below or shared a link to one on a site.

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