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Yummy recipes for kids

I have an extra-special Recipe Of The Week for you guys today. I’ve had a few requests for healthy snack ideas for kids, and I couldn’t think of anyone more suited to giving them to you than my friend and Supernatural Mum, Lana Purcell. Lana is a fellow holistic health coach and she is also the creator of the online community for health-conscious mums, Holistic Mums Australia. Lana has a tonne of awesome healthy and delicious snack ideas for the kidlets, so I’ll be rolling them out once a month for you. Today’s post features fresh juice recipes that kids will love. Everyone, show Lana some love …

Guest post by Lana Purcell

Zucchini bread, smoothies: 2 educational recipes for kids  — The Birmingham News - al.com
These recipes are from Deb Wakefield of P.E.E.R., a nonprofit that I profiled yesterday. She and her peers use them to teach kids to use and like vegetables and fruits in their food. Zucchini Bread. Makes 2 loaves (one to eat- one to share!) Ingredients.

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