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Boiled Tofu Recipe

I think for most people, organic tofu is a healthy food choice. It's rich in healthy protein, and unlike flesh meats like beef, chicken, and pork, tofu doesn't tend to create inflammation in the body, which is why I generally recommend it to people with chronic, degenerative health challenges.

As with all protein-rich foods, I think it's best not to eat large amounts every day. Better to have a good portion every other day or even every few days, as for some people, eating large quantities of the same protein-dense food daily can lead to the development of a food allergy.

You may know that tofu on its own is quite bland. The key to enjoying tofu is knowing how to prepare it.

Below, I'll show you two ways that we prepare organic tofu to eat with rice, vegetables, and soup.

To begin, you want to put together a tasty sauce that works equally well with both presentations.

Start by dicing up two ribs of green onion. The finer you dice the better. We like to split our ribs of green onion into quarters lengthwise before dicing.

Two ribs that have been halved:


Finely diced:

Add about a tablespoon of fresh lemon juice to a quarter cup of soy sauce and a tablespoon of sesame oil. Sorry - missed taking a photo of this step, but I did get a shot of the lemon that I extracted fresh lemon juice from. :)

Add half a teaspoon of minced garlic.

A quarter teaspoon of red chili flakes (the Korean version is called go choo kah roo, but any variety should do.

Now add your finely diced green onions - about two tablespoons.

And just a sprinkle of sesame seeds for texture and added calcium content.

Whisk briefly with a fork, and there you have it, a traditional Korean sauce that works beautifully with any form of tofu.

If you're a bit pressed for time and/or you just want something more simple, you can combine soy sauce, sesame oil, and a bit of lemon juice or vinegar.

Boiled Tofu Recipe

For this dish, you can use soft, medium, or firm tofu, but traditionally, Koreans use soft tofu. The label might say soft, or it might say silken.

Drain your block of tofu and place it in a pot.

Cover with water and let boil for five minutes.

Drain again and place entire boiled block of tofu on your serving plate. Do this any way that is convenient for you. My mom is a bit of a thrill seeker and likes to drain the boiling tofu by holding the end of the pot at an angle against the serving plate, letting the water run off, then flipping the block of tofu onto the plate.

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