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Easy firm Tofu Recipes

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Easy Stir Fry Tofu Recipe!
Easy Stir Fry Tofu Recipe!

Zucchini bread, smoothies: 2 educational recipes for kids  — The Birmingham News - al.com
These recipes are from Deb Wakefield of P.E.E.R., a nonprofit that I profiled yesterday. She and her peers use them to teach kids to use and like vegetables and fruits in their food. Zucchini Bread. Makes 2 loaves (one to eat- one to share!) Ingredients.

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Any easy recipes with extra-firm tofu?

I've got 4/5 of a package left of it that has to be eaten by Saturday. (I'm the only alternative eater in my household.) It's pre-cubed, so not really suitable for grilling and such.
Looking for semi-easy recipes with it. They don't have to be vegan.
We have an abundance of regular vegetables (onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, celery, etc.) in the house but no odd ones (shiitake or portobello mushrooms, spicy peppers, etc.) We also don't have many pre-made sauces lying about.
I'd like to do this without a trip to the store. Any good ideas? Thanks :)

I usually make smoothies and such with tofu. You just blend it with frozen fruit and soy milk (you can obviously use regular milk if you aren't vegan). It makes it creamy, it's good :).
If you're looking for more of a meal, you can put it in stir fry. You just put oil (or butter) in a pan, saute chopped up veggies (whatever type you like), and add the tofu. You can use soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, or even salad dressing if that's all you have. You can eat it raw too.
If you have BBQ sauce, you can make BBQ tofu by cooking the tofu in a pan, and adding the sauce.
Tofu goes with just abo…

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