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Healthy Tofu Recipes

These are unique, healthy & delicious ways to enjoy tofu…In need of a tofu recipe to replace some of the meat in your diet? Because of its texture and protein content, tofu is often used as a meat substitute, but that’s a bit shortsighted because it’s really a standalone food that can hold its own, and even be used along with meat in the same dish. If you’re new to cooking with tofu it can be a bit tricky to get the hang of how it cooks and what it can withstand. With the help of these recipes you can reduce the learning curve. Here you’ll find some of the tastiest healthy tofu recipes around, ones that will give you a whole new appreciation and understanding of this often mis-cooked food.

One way to make tofu even healthier is to coat it in a superfood, in this case quinoa. Right away you’re getting extra protein in the meal, as well as extra fiber, and enhancing the taste. They’re using extra-firm tofu here, so it will stand up to the crusting and cooking process without falling apart. Chopsticks make a great utensil for extra-firm tofu, as it can tend to slide off a fork and is tough to keep rested on a spoon. You can make this as a snack or use it as an appetizer when playing host or hostess. It comes with an accompanying dipping sauce.

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This tofu will have a Japanese-inspired flavor to it thanks to the miso glaze it receives. You start out with sizable slabs of firm tofu, and then apply the miso as directed. They’re using two kinds of miso to complete this glaze, and miso paste is a staple in many Japanese recipes. Miso soup, made from the same paste, is a popular accompaniment to many meals, and the health benefits of miso are well-established. That makes this tofu dish extra beneficial, and you can use it as the main feature, pairing it with a soup or a side of stir-fried vegetables for a complete meal.

Mushrooms get an upgrade, stuffed with a crumbled tofu mix that is said to win over even those that don’t like tofu. The magic really is in the stuffing, as the mushrooms are just mushrooms. The tofu stuffing is an interesting mix of ingredients like garlic, tomatoes, walnuts, and miso paste. It’s sure to deliver a taste sensation that goes well with the mushroom. The tofu will be overshadowed by the other ingredients, namely the garlic and oregano which is why this is a great appetizer for those that are tofu-averse.

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Healthy tofu recipes?

I need an easy tofu recipe to make for dinner tonight. Something real healthy! Im trying to boost my metabolism and get flat abs, so something good for that please! Any suggestions?

Eating too much tofu is not going to make you healthy. Tofu and not soy milk has a coagulation chemical called sekko when added to soy milk will curdle the milk to process tofu and other byproduct. Soy milk has a lot of calcium which too much the calcium will deposit in your bloodstream and calcified. Once it calcifies especially in the breast, it's going to be there forever. It could be benign but if they grouped together it could be malignant and may result to cancer. Eat in moderation. Tofu is tasteless so if you add just soy sauce, it will taste good.

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