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Light Tofu Recipes

Neutral-tasting tofu is known for readily absorbing flavor from other ingredients. It adapts to any flavor profile and works in a variety of cooking methods. Nutritionally, it supplies protein and heart-healthy fats. Plus, if you buy a variety containing calcium sulfate, you can also get a dose of calcium. You’ll need to look carefully at the nutrition label to verify that the tofu you are buying is made with calcium sulfate. Nigari (magnesium chloride) is another common coagulating agent used to make tofu, but it has a lower calcium content—4 ounces of tofu made with nigari has about 200 milligrams of calcium compared to 600 milligrams found in 4 ounces of tofu made with calcium sulfate. Once opened, refrigerate tofu and use it within three to four days. When storing water-packed tofu, you’ll need to place it in an airtight container and cover it with water; change the water daily to keep it fresh.

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Zucchini bread, smoothies: 2 educational recipes for kids  — The Birmingham News -
These recipes are from Deb Wakefield of P.E.E.R., a nonprofit that I profiled yesterday. She and her peers use them to teach kids to use and like vegetables and fruits in their food. Zucchini Bread. Makes 2 loaves (one to eat- one to share!) Ingredients.

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