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Simple Tofu Recipes

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Popular Q&A

What are some simple recipes that use tofu?

U can use tofu in just about anything! :)
-Try serving fried tofu with pasta and steamed veggies, with a little tomato sauce and parmesan cheese!
-Or: Serve baked tofu with rice or quinoa, baked squash and steamed veggies, or salad
-Or Even: Combine fried tofu or baked tofu with roasted or sautéed veggies and salsa in a wrap
-Also: Add fried tofu to a grain based pilaf, or veggie stew
-Lastly: Fried tofu is delicious on a bun with mayo, lettuce & tomato
(Store baked tofu in a container in the fridge for sandwiches)
For more ideas go to a recipe website like, or any…

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