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steamed soft tofu with soy chili sauce

연두부 양념반찬

[ yeon-dubu yangnyum banchan ]

When I was hospitalized after my surgery in Korea this past summer, I had to live with hospital food for a few days. Maybe because of all the trauma I had to go through, I lost my appetite big time. I am not a picky eater. I usually eat everything served in front of my nose. But for some reason I just couldn’t eat anything in the hospital. I lost 10 lbs in 10 days. (unfortunately I gained all back plus a little extra now as I am recovering… urgh!!!)

The nurse and the meal serving staff were quite unhappy to see hardly eaten meal on the tray of mine. I don’t think there was anything wrong with the food. It’s just that nothing tasted the same to me as they should.

However there was one dish that I ate without fussing much. It was this .soft tofu It was comforting and I could actually taste the flavor of the sauce and swallow it down. I emptied out the dish with some rice and it certainly made me feel a little better.

Soft tofu, aka silken tofu (연두부, yeon-dubu ) doesn’t have much flavor itself. Which means you can add any flavor you like to turn this amazing plant based protein food into any savory dish or even a dessert.

This recipe is very easy and simple to make, and it can be made within 10 minutes of time. I used hot water steaming method to enjoy my tofu warm but you can certainly eat cold right out of fridge.

Here is a block of soft(silken) tofu.

tutorial-2I dumped the whole package in the simmering water over low heat and hot bathed it for 7-10 minutes.

Meanwhile, combine soy sauce, Korean soy sauce for soup, sesame oil, sesame seeds and some chopped green onion, and a little water in a small mixing bowl. Add a little bit of Koran chili flakes to the mixture.

That’s it. You are done cooking.

Cut one side of package top and drain all the liquid. Be cautious! It will be hot.

Turn tofu block onto cutting board and slice into 2-4 sections depends on the serving size you desire.

Place the tofu piece on a serving plate and drizzle the sauce over. And you got one of the easiest Korean side dish to impress.tutorial-3 It is flavorful, healthy, vegan, and gluten free (if using gluten free soy sauce). You can eat as is, which I often do, or serve it with some rice.

What a great feeling to enjoy the beautiful fall season again! I have missed it for the past tow years. It is good to be back in the States.

tutorial-4 tutorial-5
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Popular Q&A

What are some simple recipes that use tofu?

U can use tofu in just about anything! :)
-Try serving fried tofu with pasta and steamed veggies, with a little tomato sauce and parmesan cheese!
-Or: Serve baked tofu with rice or quinoa, baked squash and steamed veggies, or salad
-Or Even: Combine fried tofu or baked tofu with roasted or sautéed veggies and salsa in a wrap
-Also: Add fried tofu to a grain based pilaf, or veggie stew
-Lastly: Fried tofu is delicious on a bun with mayo, lettuce & tomato
(Store baked tofu in a container in the fridge for sandwiches)
For more ideas go to a recipe website like, or any…

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