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Similar to a dining experience where your meal begins with an appetizer, followed by the main entrée and dessert, your lead attraction and nurturing efforts should be organized in similar fashion to ensure you're dishing up the right content for every buying phase.

It's a fact that 50% of qualified leads are not ready to make a purchase when they first convert. So, rather than pestering them with old forms of selling, such as frequent sales calls, here's a lesson on Inbound Marketing Lead Nurturing through the use of ToFu, MoFu & BoFu content creation.

What is ToFu, MoFu & BoFu?

Sorry if I made you hungry with all the dining references but we're not talking food here, folks! ToFu, MoFu and BoFu are in reference to the stages of the Inbound Marketing sales funnel, as outlined here:

1. ToFu — Top of the Funnel

At the very top of your sales funnel you're attracting a much larger audience of prospective leads, because you're working to attract relevant traffic without deliberately filtering or discouraging conversions. The most common form of ToFu content would be your blog articles but also simple tip sheets or eBooks, all of which allow you to prompt lead conversions by placing this content behind a form on a specific landing page.

Your goal with ToFu content should be to educate your audience on a specific question, need or pain point that they're looking to address, but without a sales tie-in. You'll get the opportunity to do this with your MoFu content as explained below.

2. MoFu — Middle of the Funnel

Once a lead converts on an initial ToFu content offer, they'll progress into the MoFu stage. This is viewed as the most complicated funnel stage because of the broad diversity of interested leads who haven't been fully qualified.

Good-for-you grilling ideas  —
As you stoke the flames of your grill this season, choose a versatile canvas that allows you to build on flavors and textures, lending itself to a wide range of cuisine and preparation methods.

Purely American Purely American West Texas Tofu Chili, 21.5 Ounce
Grocery (Purely American)
  • Healthy meals, high fiber, low fat, crafted by hand since 1984, all natural, no mgs
  • Ingredients to have on hand include American made firm tofu, safflower or canola oil, fresh mushrooms, green pepper, onion, tomato juice, can whole peeled tomatoes
  • Serve our delicious chili with zesty Santa fee corn bread and a fresh fruit salad
  • Contents include kidney, small reds, pink and pinto beans, brown rice, spices, salt and chili peppers, miniature bottle of tabasco® brand pepper sauce
  • Vegetarian cooking options, prep time 30 minutes, cook time 4 hours, serves 10 - 12
Tofu Brain Studio Shoot!! Ninja
Mobile Application (Tofu Brain Studio)
  • - Engaging throwing mechanics
  • - 17 challenging levels
  • - 5 different ninja stars to use
  • - More unlock-able content in updates!
Amico 2 Pcs White Plastic Tofu Bean Curt Cake Wave Shape Cutter Tool 8.8"
Home (Amico)
  • Product Name : Tofu Cutter;Total Size(Each) : 22.3 x 4.4 x 0.9cm/8.8 x 1.7 x 0.4 (L*W*H)
  • Material : Plastic
  • Color : White
  • Net Weight : 45g
  • Package Content : 2 x Tofu Cutters
CFF 13-Pound Bulk Premium Soybeans 100% NON-GMO Beans For Soy Milk and Tofu
Grocery (CFF)
  • Premium grade large soybean specifically grown for making fresh soy milk and tofu
  • 100% NON-GMO (non genetically modified) and grown/harvested on family-run farms in the US
  • Sought after for its high protein content and is exported to Asian markets such as Japan where it is prized for its consistent quality and flavor
  • Soybeans are a source of complete protein, containing significant amounts of all the essential amino acids needed by the human body
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