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Packaged baked tofu is the vegetarian equivalent of rotisserie chicken. You can buy it and do about a gazillion different things with it. Yes, a gazillion. I’ve counted. Throw a slab of it on a bun and top it with slaw, cube it and put it in salad, add it to a veggie stir fry, eat it as-is–it’s so versatile! Back in the day, before this whole food blogging thing, I used to always keep a package or two in the fridge for quick dinners when I didn’t feel like cooking.

I had the idea to do this Peanutty Quinoa Bowl recipe with store-bought baked tofu, but then I forgot to buy it. It actually wasn’t my fault–Whole Foods keeps moving things around and the baked tofu wasn’t where it used to be and when it wasn’t in its usual place, I was totally thrown off and forgot about it. Oops! Driving all the way back to Whole Foods for a package of tofu seemed silly, so I thought, hey, I’ll make my own baked tofu!

This recipe is similar to my Baked Barbecue Tofu, but the whole barbecue sauce thing can be a little bit limiting. Do you want barbecue sauce in your stir fry or salad? Maybe not. If you’re still skeptical about tofu, try it baked–really, I think you’ll change your mind. It’s marinated so it’s flavorful, not bland. Using a helps the tofu absorb as much of the marinade as possible. Baking it makes it chewy, not mushy. Barbecue tofu is awesome, but this baked tofu recipe has a savory Asian-inspired flavor that makes it work in a variety of dishes–stir fries, salads, and especially Peanutty Quinoa Bowls.

Peanutty Quinoa Bowls? Yes! These are so easy. You toss some quinoa and some veggies with peanut sauce and serve it with a few slices of baked tofu (either homemade or store-bought). You can do this! This recipe makes two servings; if you’re not sharing, throw the second bowl in the fridge and eat it tomorrow.

Peanutty Quinoa Bowls

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What is the best healthy Tofu dishes?

I have just been introduced to tofu, as part of a losing weight plan. And I am only allowed 1 Table spoon of Olive oil and any vegetable but no past or carbs.
What would be the best meal.

To best use tofu for cooking, but "extra firm" tofu and squeeze out some of the water first. I wrap mine in several paper towels and let it sit on an upside down bowl with a weight (like a pan or can) on top. Let it sit like that for an hour or so. This will make it denser and easier to sautee. Try adding flavorful sauces, fresh herbs, veggies, and spices to liven it up. You can also blend silken tofu in a blender, add fruit and some liquid (water, milk, soy/rice/almond milk, juice, coffee, or yogurt) for a tasty smoothie.
What you should remember is that you need a well-rounded diet.…

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