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tofu-shinjo-nuggetsYou don’t need to bother googling whether the latest nugget from McDonald’s is secretly made from extruded pink goo that pretends to be chicken. These new deep fried delectables are made from the spongy wonderstuff that is tofu.

They’re coming soon to McDonald’s restaurants in Japan and they’re called Tofu Shinjo Nuggets. Yes, there is indeed actual tofu in them. The nugget is a sort of fast food take on a more traditional Japanese dumpling, combining the bean curd with minced fish, onions, and carrots. McDonald’s will serve them up with a side of ginger sauce.

How do they taste? A spokesperson says “because it isn’t meat, it tastes a bit different.” Coincidentally, the same thing has been said of the original Chicken McNugget.

McDonald’s is trumpeting their (reportedly) tasty new nugget over in Asia, partly because they’re genuinely excited and partly because they need a major P.R. win right about now. A few weeks ago, it was revealed that one of the company’s China-based food suppliers was shipping McDonald’s food that had been manufactured using expired meat.

That supplier, Shanghai Husi Food Co., just happens to produce chicken McNuggets. A company spokesperson was quick to rebut that the incident was “restricted to one supplier in one city.” No big whoop, people. Just order those new nuggets instead.

While that statement was probably supposed to be reassuring, it kind of makes you wonder how many other McDonald’s suppliers in how many other cities might be doing this… and more importantly how many McDonald’s restaurants was this seriously sketchy supplier supplying with tainted meat?

Sanlinx Inc. Soyajoy Premium Total Tofu Kit
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Tofu made of green soybeans debuts in Taiwan  — Focus Taiwan News Channel
Taipei, July 30 (CNA) It is usually a sign that food has gone bad when it turns green, but researchers in southern Taiwan are proud to have developed a new kind of tofu made from green soybeans, which they say could boost Taiwan's NT$2 billion (US$66 ..

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